Video from the Sept 14 debut show

I made my live debut as quijote on September 14th, 2015. I was excited, and almost equally nervous, to perform my songs live. Years ago, I regularly performed as a singer/songwriter, but for the past fourteen years I’ve been performing as a lead guitarist for some truly gifted singers. It’s challenging to get up there and sing when you’ve been… Read more →

lord, don’t leave me down

Lord, Don’t Leave Me Down is another quijote song featuring Andrea Peterman. This time, on top of her great backing vocals, she makes her recording debut as a tambourine player. I wrote this song in an afternoon, lyrics and all, after getting a new ceramic slide. I played it that night at Shadowland’s open mic in West Seattle. Shadowland is… Read more →

only you — available now

I just posted a new song, only you, on my bandcamp page. This is the first quijote song to feature a guest performance, with my good friend and musical partner Andrea Peterman contributing a beautiful harmony vocal. As with all quijote songs, it’s free to download. Hope you enjoy it. -quijote Read more →


Beginning August 2015, new music from Seattle musician Justin S Davis will be released under the name quijote. the first track, shine, is available now, free, on bandcamp.   Read more →